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SAFARIA, the Art of Big-Game Hunting in Africa

Custodian of an old-style safari conception directly inherited from the past century adventurers, SAFARIA offers big-game safaris amongst the top-tier African wild territories of Tanzania and Cameroon.

The philosophy of SAFARIA consists in controlling and preserving its territories through an integrated, ethical and sustainable hunting. In Africa, trophy hunting remains one of the major tools for the preservation of the wild fauna, offering concrete solutions against illegal poaching of emblematic species, involving the local population and preserving its cultural heritage.

With its team of well-experienced professional hunters, SAFARIA offers to passionate hunters a unique safari experience, which is conceived as an adventurous trip, out of time, where authenticity sublimates the splendor of the wild life.

The SAFARIA professional hunters practice a traditional hunting, result of their observation and perfect knowledge of the areas. Focusing on a naturalistic approach and an esthetic vision of the art of hunting, they aim at the same goal: discovery of Africa in the pure former days’ safari tradition.