Custodian of an authentic conception of safaris inherited from the adventurers of the last century, SAFARIA offers big game hunting on some of the most famous wilderness areas in Africa. Present in the Central African Republic, Tanzania, Cameroon and Namibia, SAFARIA is motivated by an eclectic vision of African hunting, the permanent search for exceptional territories, and the quest for true adventures on the most beautiful hunting areas of the Black Continent. With a team of experienced French professional hunters, the company offers passionate hunters a unique experience of the African hunting according to a true philosophy of the safari, based on the sustainable preservation of areas and game through an ethical hunt, the involvement of local populations, and the enhancement of their cultural heritage. A safari must be conceived as an adventurous, romantic and elegant experience, in an authentic atmosphere, where luxury and simplicity sublimate the splendours of wildlife. Focusing on a naturalistic approach and an aesthetic vision of the art of hunting, the SAFARIA team, through extensive knowledge of the terrain and the practice of traditional hunting methods, combined with innovative techniques (fruit of experience and observation) tends towards a unique objective: the satisfaction of the hunter through sustainable hunting in the finest tradition of the safaris of another era.