Named after Sir Fredrik Courtney Selous, a famous big game hunter of the early 20th century and one of the pioneers in wildlife conservation, the Selous Game Reserve is the largest wildlife reserve in Africa. Totally preserved from all human presence, the Selous constitutes a true sanctuary for African wildlife that evolves and prospers in a pristine and untouched nature. Paradise for naturalists, the Selous is also the dream of all big game hunters looking for remote spaces, savagery and authentic hunts. The SAFARIA area is located in the southeast quarter of the Selous and is one of the largest blocks of the Game Reserve. Around large rivers, the territory with a pronounced relief presents a great diversity of biotopes: rivers bordered by thick forest, mountains surrounding wooded valleys, large grassy plains and vast marshy areas. Difficult to access and very seldom exploited during the last decades, this area is still partially unexplored and contains real treasures, in terms of landscapes as well as diversity of species and trophy quality. The high density of buffalos and plains game produces numerous predators. The mountains and forests are the last sanctuary of the famous big tusker elephants of the Selous, giving the passionate hunter the prospect of exceptional hunting, at the level of this wild paradise.