Located in the heart of Tanzania in a remote area away from the classical itineraries, Rungwa Game Reserve is a wild and rough territory, composed mainly of shrub savannah, called miombo, interspersed with small plains and mountains, hosting a particularly diverse fauna.

The area managed by SAFARIA is an authentic territory hunted by our guides for several decades, gaining a full knowledge of the area, essential to the success of the safari. As a perfect biotope for felines, Rungwa has beautiful densities of leopards and the Game Reserve is renowned for its magnificent maned lions, considered to be among the most beautiful of East Africa. It is also an exceptional territory for tracking buffalos and each season is rewarded by the collection of very old trophies. Finally, Rungwa offers the unique opportunity to take, during the same safari, the four species of large East African antelopes: Greater Kudu, Livingstone Eland, Sable and Roan antelopes. Through pure and sportive hunting, sometimes rough but always captivating, to realize a safari in Rungwa is to live a timeless hunting experience in the heart of the wild Africa with the promise of encounters with beautiful trophies.