Encompassing the northern part of Tanzania, the Masaïland is an extraordinary region whose geological, fauna but also cultural wealth cannot leave the globetrotter indifferent. Tortured but fertile land, its grandiose landscapes of infinite plains enamelled with mountains and volcanoes are the theatre of a rich and dense life where man and wilderness live in perfect harmony. The SAFARIA area is a pure jewel made of vast plains articulating around an ancient volcano culminating at 3 000 meters high, offering breath-taking landscapes and a surprising variation of biotopes. It is also the living place of several Masaï communities with pastoral tradition, and daily exchanges with them give an ethnocultural dimension to the safari. The hunting area shelters all the endemic species of Masaïland, including Grant's, Thomson and Roberts gazelles, as well as Gerenuk, Lesser Kudu and Fringe-eared Oryx. Contrasting with the dryness of the plain, the mountain which overlooks the area is a fabulous terrain for adventures offering walking expeditions like in the old times: from a flying camp set up at the summit, through the large mountain forests surrounding the old crater in search of mountain buffalos, record Masaï bushbucks, huge leopards and other secret species.