Finest destination for all wildlife lovers in search of untouched nature, Tanzania is a wealthy land, famous for its extraordinary diversity of species and the grandiose character of its landscapes. Land of abundance, it is also a true hunting paradise for aesthete hunters eager for wide-open spaces, authentic adventure, and pure hunts without artifices. As a full-fledged component of policies to preserve wildlife and its habitats in this pioneering country, big game hunting in wilderness lands is fully meaningful. Thanks to the experience of its professional hunters who have been present in Tanzania for more than 20 years, SAFARIA has been working exclusively on three exceptional territories: Rungwa, Selous and Masaïland, offering the opportunity to discover diverse biotopes and to hunt wide range of species. From the large animals emblematic of African hunting to the specific antelopes of the Masaïland, there is always the concern for authenticity and elegance in the design of the traditional canvas camps of East Africa.