Legendary hunting destination for all African big game hunters, C.A.R. is to Central Africa what Tanzania is to East Africa, meaning a kind of culmination in the quest for a pure and true hunt. The most famous professional hunters have been driving legendary safaris for decades and the names of some of them are forever linked to this still very wild country. The major advantage of the territories of SAFARIA is their immensity. Moreover, the geographical positioning of the zones located at the junction of savannah and forest biotopes generates the presence on a same territory of the savannah species (Giant Eland, Buffalo, Lion, Leopard, ...) as well as those of forest (Bongo, Giant Forest Hog, Yellow-back Duiker ...). Finally, and we are trying to perpetuate this, authenticity remains the main characteristic of hunting in C.A.R. Benefiting from all these conditions and being less than two hours flight from Bangui, SAFARIA operates in the centre of the country. The five hunting blocks of our organization are equipped with infrastructures combining luxury and authenticity, allowing us to welcome the passionate hunters and their friends in the best conditions for an unforgettable safari.

Note: Due to the current political unrest in the Central African Republic, SAFARIA temporarily suspended the organization of safaris in this country.