Mythical destination, Cameroon is the last country in Africa offering the possibility to hunt the Lord Derby Eland, this magnificent antelope with a remarkable trophy, whose tracking is rightly considered as one of the most beautiful hunting emotions. In order to reconnect with these fabulous hunts, SAFARIA has taken one of the best areas in the country, located on the banks of the Faro river. The territory is made up of huge shrub savannahs, the predominant biotope of the elands, interspersed with large and still unexplored mountains, source of many rivers flowing through the area, winding in the shade of "bakos" remaining those of Central African Republic. The Faro, about a hundred yards wide, flows abundantly between the rocks, and offers magnificent views. With the current, its deep-water holes, populated by hippos and crocodiles, allow fabulous fishing for Nile perchs. From bush camps combining charm and elegance and set up along the water, SAFARIA offers to the passionate hunters traditional and personalized safaris in search of the “ghost of the bush” but also of many other prestigious species: savannah buffalo, Roan antelope, lion, elephant, hippopotamus and all the plains game of Central Africa; always with the concern to make the hunters live pure hunting moments in worthy of the most beautiful African adventures.